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From Montreal, Canada, Johanne Pion is a pastel artist represented at Galerie Au Cadre du Village in Boucherville where her work is exhibited year long. She also exhibits in Arizona, Vermont and New Hampshire, USA.   
Her mother is also a pastel artist. She turned to this medium after having suffered a cardiovascular attack, a life-changing accident. Her determination and relentless struggle to recover brought her to study art, more precisely pastel. She became successful with this medium and was honoured with a professional title in the Quebec Province. She sadly is diverted from her art practice battling muscular dystrophy. Johanne fell in love with pastel because of her mother and is pursuing her art career in her honour.   
 Self-taught artist, Johanne now studies alongside experienced pastel artists to perfect her art. Her style is constantly evolving as you can see in her latest work. Travel in her moody landscape scenes or in her stylish street scenes which she creates either from her photographs or from her imagination. 

Photos at exhibitions and symposiums 

Plein air groupe.jpg
5- 2018 Boucherville, Aucadre du village

Photos at exhibitions and symposiums 

Vermont, Plein air pastel.jpg
7- 2018 Au cadre du village.jpg
Expo Scottsdale.jpg
5- 2018 Boucherville, Aucadre du village
La route des Arts

Jo-Anne is represented by Galerie Au Cadre du Village in Boucherville. Click here to contact.


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